Modular Mezzanine Floor

slotted angle is a complete system, which has been designed and developed to solve all your storage and space problems in your congested godowns, stores, shops, factories, office and record rooms. It is most economical, strong and can be used for making all type of storage racks, mezzanine floors, staircase etc. in fact it can make anything and everything you can think of and its applications are countless.
Imagination is the only limit to versatility.
slotted angle, panels and accessories are fabricated out of best grade cold rolled steel and is pretreated with anti-currusion solutions and a coat of special zienpholite primer before painting in stove enameled dark grey colour.

Transform unused spaces into a valuable asset.

modular mezzanine floors create an ideal platform for optimum floor space and storage capacity, transforming unused spaces into a valuable asset.

Relocating is no longer a problem. provides a flexible flooring solution. It can be quickly extended or dismantled to be re-erected at a different location.

Standard Sizes :
2500mm X 2500mm
3000mm X 3000mm

Modular Mezzanine Floor-1
Modular Mezzanine Floor-2
Modular Mezzanine Floor-3
Modular Mezzanine Floor-4